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Leather & Quality

All our items are handmade in Tunisia by expert craftsfolk. Which means you can expect differences in finish and style (specifically stitching & sealing)  Our items are not mass produced, they are cut, stitched and sealed individually.

In order to keep our planners affordable the hides we use are full of character, wrinkles and scars. Much like ourselves, they have lived full and varied lives. We try to use as much of the leathers as possible and will still utilise parts of the leather that more expensive brands may consider less than perfect. 

If you are especially particular about the type or texture of your leather please mention this in the “Anything Else” section of your custom email request. Whilst we will always try to accommodate these requests; there are times and leathers that this is not possible for. 

Delicate Leathers: Velvet Cotton, Spiced Honey, Bloom etc. Due to both texture and colour may have more visible flaws. This leather comes from older animals, that have lived long and full lives. The animals, just like us as humans; collect scars, scratches and blemishes. Whilst we do our best to choose the best hides possible. In order to keep our prices affordable, we must use as much of each hide as is possible. This makes it impossible and unethical to only use the Grade A++ parts of the leather.

We have also noticed a lot of filters that people are using on Instagram appear to “smooth” out leathers. Which can make the texture appear very different. We do not consider variations or color differences, branding, leather blemishes to be defects.

Leather by nature  is very fragile. It is susceptible to patina and marking - this adds to the charm and shows your planner has lived. Water, sunlight and oil from your hands will all add to the character your planner gains. 

We are not responsible for wear and tear or chemical damage to the leather covers. Along with using a leather protector spray, we recommend using a pouch to store and keep your leather products in.